Normindia Distilled Gin 750mL

Normindia Distilled Gin 750mL

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Are you a fan of a strong juniper taste? If so, Normindia is one gin you need to give a try. Why? Because the main spirit in gin is derived from a juniper distillate. In other words, before juniper is even used as a botanical, the base spirit itself is derived from juniper. It maintains a clean taste throgh the use of stainless steel vats (other distillers use copper or wood, which can infuse the gin with additional flavors). Another 15 botanicals are used in the creation of this gin, including, as me mentioned, juniper, plus orange, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, lily, clove, and apple. This gives it a strong juniper taste, but also a slight burst of floral frutiness. - Gin Observer






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