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Ezio Poggio is a true visionary or, as Italians would say, a personaggio. He is devoted to the revival
of Timorasso, one of Italy’s most dynamic wine grapes. Ezio planted his first vines in 2004,
reestablishing a long-lost growing zone now known as Terre di Libarna along the north face of
the Apennine Mountains, which separate Piedmont from Liguria. In 2011, Ezio successfully
petitioned for official recognition of a new subzone in the southern half of the Tortona Hills called
Terre di Libarna. His daring decision to grow Timorasso at an elevation of nearly 2,000 feet is
without peer, and his unique vision for the grape has yielded white wines of ineffable beauty and
poise. At merely 15 hectares, this small but mighty subzone of the Colli Tortonesi DOC
encompasses the highest elevation growing region for Timorasso. Ezio Poggio is the sole
producer in Terre di Libarna.

Timorasso thrives in white, rocky, calcareous-clay soils, which bear a strong resemblance to the marls, or Marne di Sant’Agata, found in parts of the Langhe. Unlike the Langhe or the Roero, however, very little sand is found in these hills. Terre di Libarna’s significant diurnal temperature swings are mitigated by warm Mediterranean air currents rising up from Liguria. While a relative newcomer to the international scene, the variety has long been esteemed in Piedmont, where Timorasso was often nicknamed "White Barolo" due to its incredible structure and age-worthiness. As early as the 1800s, ampelographers described Timorasso as a noble variety. Leonardo da Vinci, no less, is believed to have been a fan, having included a bottle of white wine known as Timuras and a local cheese from Colli Tortonesi among wedding gifts for Isabella di Aragona.

Characterized by intense, enduring herbal and mineral notes as well as high acidity, Timorasso is mediumto full-bodied with notes of white flowers, subtle stone fruit, and lemon. Due to the presence of an aromatic precursor abbreviated as TDN (trimethyl-dihydronaphthalene) also found in Riesling. Timorasso can yield age-worthy wines that develop great complexity over time. Such bottlings often demonstrate diesel or kerosene notes after several years in bottle. By law, Timorasso cannot be labeled under the Colli Tortonesi appellation if the wine has not rested on the lees for at least 10 months, a technical requirement befitting a structured, age-worthy white wine like Timorasso. While many Timorasso fans draw parallels to Chenin Blanc for its aromatic profile, texture, and ageability, it is singular among native Italian white varieties.