Bodega de Forlong Burbuja 2021

Bodega de Forlong Burbuja 2021

Bodega de Forlong Burbuja 2021

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Organic / Natural

‘Burbuja’ comes from a pure Palomino plot of 40-50 years old vines named
‘Plantalina’ in Balbaína Alta, which is the most “Sanluqueño” vineyard of Jerez due to its
proximity to the sea but still boasts the concentration of Jerez. This vibrant vineyard has been
farmed organically for more than 15 years and is of great quality.

Very little winemaking here as this classic ‘Método Ancestral’ wine is bottled
prior to finishing the alcoholic fermentation and before finishing the total consumption of sugars.
The wine next rests horizontally so the lees are in contact with the wine for an additional 8
months. Then, the bottles are positioned ‘boca abajo’ face down so the lees settle into the neck of
the bottle from where they rest for three weeks before disgorging quickly, refilling the bottle
with the same wine from any loss, and finally crown-capping. Released immediately. This delicate and lacy single vineyard ‘Pet- Nat’ Palomino has soft pillowy bubbles that are floral and fresh - the subtle aromas entice with notes of hay, apple pear, lanolin, aloe and sea
spray reminiscent of a long day at the ocean. On the palate, the salty plush foam has just the
perfect amount of structure and fizz to awaken the palate and express its organic, sunny terroir
and natural state of the Palomino grape. A delightful naturally sparkling wine.