Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin 750mL

Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin 750mL

Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin 750mL

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For their Tom Cat Gin, Vermont-based Caledonia Spirits takes their Barr Hill Gin and rests it in New American Oak barrels. The gin itself is a rather simple gin whose ingredients work to great effect. It starts with grain neutral spirit. It adds only juniper as a botanical. It is then sweetened with raw honey. That's it. The sweetening invokes an old style of gin known as "Old Tom" wherein gin was sweetened. It is moderately sweet to the palate. With a buckwheat honey flavor, the juniper is creamy and piney. Hints of orange butter, pine blossom, vanilla, butterscotch and toffee all emerge. Tom Cat Gin is rich and unctuous. - The Gin Is In, 5 stars