Citadelle Jardin Dete Dry French Gin 750mL

Citadelle Jardin D'ete Dry Gin from France .750L

Citadelle Jardin Dete Dry French Gin 750mL

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Nose: Green juniper is front and center. Lemon zest and mandarin aromas highlight the strong citrus here as well. A hint of fennel seed and winter savory lend some depth. But overall, Citadelle Jardin d'Ete smells simply like a citrus-forward gin.

Flavor: The palate is where the melon shines. Yuzu, sour lemon and tangerine early. Mid-palate, pine juniper emerges as well as a pungent, rich hint of Canteloupe and stone fruit. The rich fruit is deepened by an evolving background note of juniper and the bevy of spices. Nutmeg, angelica, cubeb and licorice come to mind?but there is a lot of complexity here.

Finish: Moderately long. The heat is very light. Sipped, it almost seems too mild to be a full proof gin. On the back of the palate cubeb and licorice lead as notes of melon, tangerine and orange peel gently fade. - The Gin is In








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