Weingut Heinrich Spindler Trocken Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Weingut Heinrich Spindler Trocken Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Weingut Heinrich Spindler Trocken Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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Through harvesting at various stages of select maturity, macerating the fruit for various lengths of time based on ripeness (4-24 hours), and a very reductive handling, Markus obtains an intensely aromatic flavor profile of Sauvignon Blanc that is more Pfalz than it is your straight forward Sauv Blanc: very fresh with unconventional passionfruit aromas and spicy, minty freshness on the nose with a classic Pfalz minerality.

"I see the strengths of German wine as the finesse, depth, minerality, and precision of its aromas." - Markus Spindler

Markus Spindler is the great-grandson of Heinrich, founder of Weingut Heinrich Spindler. He carries forward the 20-hectare, certified organic estate with a level of skill and respect equal to the heritage and holdings entrusted to him. From his everyday bottlings to his top riesling crus, the wines are tactile, focused, detailed, and decidedly dry. They are about nuance and purity over power, grace and precision over opulence. Above all, they are meticulously wrought portraits of legendary terroir.

Weingut Heinrich Spindler is in the Pfalz region of Germany known for their world-class Rieslings. More recently, Sauvignon Blanc has also made its mark on the region and Markus takes it every bit as seriously as his Riesling.

Markus has quite the resume, in 1996 he started off with apprenticeships close to home at Dr. Deinhard (now von Winning) and Friedrich Becker, and in the Saar with the legendary Egon Müller. He went on to fulfill a civil service tour, then did a year-long stage at Schug in Sonoma. He also undertook further apprenticeships, most notably with F.X. Pichler in the Wachau region of Austria. He returned home in 2007 to work alongside his father and took the reigns in 2018.











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