Viuda de Angelon Sparkling Sidra Asturias

Viuda de Angelon Sparkling Sidra Asturias

Viuda de Angelon Sparkling Sidra Asturias

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"A sparkling dry cider produced by Sidra Viuda de Angel??n, Nava, Pricipado de Asturias. Matured cider is selected from the bodega for a second fermentation to produce a naturally sparkling dry cider that preserves the original earthy flavor of traditional sidra." Importer notes

Alfredo Ordo??ez On??s established the press, or llagar, Sidra Viuda de Angel??n in 1947 at the orchards of La Alameda. The llagar steadily developed until it became a cider landmark, always keeping pace with new techniques in the production of cider, or sidra. In 1978 the plant was moved to its current location in La Teyera, Nava, home of the annual Asturian Cider Competition, the Museo de la Sidra de Asturias as well as many other regional and national cider events. Today Sidra Angel??n continues as a family run artisanal producer with all Ordonez brothers and sisters actively participating. Francisco Ordo??ez Vigil is in charge of production. Sidra Angel??n operates an authentic cider pub, or sidrer??a, in the center of Nava providing the complete gastronomic experience that surrounds the true enjoyment of traditional sidra.





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