Tasha Cremant de Bordeaux Rose "Gift Sets" NV .750L

Tasha Cremant de Bordeaux Rose "Gift Sets" NV .750L

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Natti Natasha and her team have been working for three years on this project and after many blind tastings to find the perfect sparkling, they created Tasha Ros??. Several years ago, Natti began to feel attracted to the sparkling wines of the Bordeaux region, which generated a passion in her. ?€?I want to introduce the world to a product that has quality, history and luxury, but also brings simple joy. A wine that is both refreshing with a reasonable price, and it had to be an authentic French sparkling wine.?€? Said Natti recently. The Team set out to find a wine that represents and reflects Natti?€?s spirit and essence.

?€?The process of creating a product that looked like me was not easy, but it was
fun and a very enriching experience. This sparkling wine is my reflection for its vibrant color. Because its personality is sparkling and has an addictive softness. More than anything, it
is the reflection that anything is possible when you believe in your dreams. I am proud to be the first Latina to have her own sparkling wine. But the proudest thing is to be able to show the way and inspire all women and Latinos, who can achieve any dream they set in life," said Natti Natasha excitedly.