Pessoa da Vinha Vinho Verde 2019

Pessoa da Vinha Vinho Verde 2019

Pessoa da Vinha Vinho Verde 2019

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We just found your new “Springtime Sipper”, Pessoa da Vinha Vinho Verde 2016. This is not the typical, straightforward Vinho Verde you may be used to; this bright refreshing white has lip-smacking acidity that makes your palate salivate for fresh greens, oysters, fish, and other light fare. Pessoa da Vinha is a new rising star that is helping to bring the Portuguese DOC of Vinho Verde out of the dark and into the light.

Pessoa Wines was born in 2009, when winemaker Jorge Goncalves teamed up with the South African winery MAN Family Wines to launch a promising enterprise. From a very early age, Jorge very attracted to the country where his parents were born and which would be home to his own business in the future - Portugal. Being able to produce there means more than just work, but also fulfilling a dream. Jorge trained as a winemaker in Germany at one of the most prestigious wine making programs in the world. He then traveled extensively, developing his knowledge and learning the craft from a multitude of perspectives.

It was at MAN Winery in South Africa that Jorge saw he could combine the modern technology of the New World with the elegance of the Old World. This proved the inspiration he required to fulfill his earliest dream: to launch his own production in Portugal, where the concept of terroir is experienced at every inch of soil and climate. Jorge’s Vinho Verde is a fine example of this - normally you just do not get this much from a simple table wine.

Fun Fact: Pessoa Wines is inspired by the iconic Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa, and combines the passion for wine, Portugal, and literature.

A blend of Alvarinho, Trajadura, Loureiro sourced from vineyards mainly in the renowned zones of Monc¸a~o and Melgac¸o. Classic all-tank Vinho Verde vinification. Refreshing and fruity, with citrine aromas and passionfruit. Shows hints of white flowers. Beautiful balance between acidity and sweetness, crisp and elegant with mineral notes. This is no simple Vinho Verde but an example of what this DOC is capable of.





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