Kefallinos Zakynthos Verdea 2022


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Verdea is a traditional appellation of the Greek Island Zakynthos that reflects the Venetian influence. The name references the apparent green color of the grape juice as fields with many different varieties were harvested together and, as they all ripen at different times, the unripe/green grapes would give it a characteristic color and the resulting wine a high acidity. This story is perhaps hard to square with the usual high alcohol content of the wines, which would suggest much riper grapes! Either way, high alcohol and high acidity were traditional ways of preserving wine before the invention of modern winemaking.

The Kefallinos Verdea is certainly not co-vinified as a field blend, but rather each variety is fermented separately in old oak barrels (4-6 years-old) and a total of 16 separate barrels are used to make the final blend. A lovely straw yellow gold color. This oaked white has aromas of grass, peach blossom, with hints of green walnuts and golden plums. The palate is weighted with lots of concentrated white peach and citrus peel notes, reminiscent of Viognier. Its incredible acidity makes the alcohol almost incidental.