Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca 2018

Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca 2018

Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca 2018

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The Ferrando family has produced and traded wine for five generations. Ferrando Vini was founded in 1890 by Giuseppe Ferrando, who moved to Ivrea from Acqui to introduce the wines of Piedmont into the neighbouring region of Valle d?€?Aosta. Giuseppe?€?s son Luigi then expanded and developed the winemaking business. In 1957, Giuseppe Ferrando junior, the founder?€?s grandson, began production of one of the rarest wines obtained from the Nebbiolo variety: Carema, named after a small town in northern Piedmont, on the border with Valle d?€?Aosta. Here, in 1964, the Ferrando family built cellars for the production and ageing of this unique "mountain Barolo" (D.O.C. since 1967). In the early Eighties, Giuseppe?€?s son Luigi took over the company, which is currently owned by his son Roberto. The company?€?s creativity and inventiveness have been faithfully passed on through the generations, along with a steady commitment to quality.

This is one of the great wines of Italy, Luigi Ferrando?€?s 100% Nebbiolo di Carema called Etichetta Bianca 2014. This is the benchmark wine of the appellation Carema. Produced exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape planted in a series of vineyards that sit beneath Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) in a broad amphitheater with full southern exposure overlooking the river, Dora Baltea, that runs from the snow-capped mountains south through the Valle d?€?Aosta into the northwestern range of Piedmont slicing the city of Ivrea in half. The vines are trained in a special way on pergola (known as ?€?tupin?€? in local dialect) to obtain maximum exposure to the sun in this high altitude district and are planted to soils that are dominated by slate. The appellation of Carema is extremely small: only 16 hectares (approximately 40 acres) are planted to the vine. The Ferrando family controls 2.5 hectares of the appellation. The Nebbiolo grapes are harvested normally during the second half of October; then, they undergo a cuvaison of approximately two weeks in stainless steel before being racked into a mixture of large and small barrels for an extended aging period of 30 to 36 months before being bottled (without filtration). By law, the Carema cannot be released before four years of aging. Production of the Carema ?€?Etichetta Bianca?€? is approximately 7200 bottles per annum, two-thirds of which (4800 bottles) comes to the States. A small quantity of magnums is bottled each year at our request as well. The Carema of Ferrando reveals the most elegant and delicate and complex characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape with a surprising capacity to age.