Eves Cidery Albee Hill Still Dry Cider 2021

Eves Cidery Albee Hill Still Dry Cider 2021

Eves Cidery Albee Hill Still Dry Cider 2021

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A blend of numerous varieties from the Albee Hill Orchard o fermented with wild yeast in steel and netural oak o 7% ABV, dry o Certified Organic

"Albee Hill still and dry is our longest running single orchard field blend. We started making this cider when we harvested our first fruit from our Albee Hill orchard. Now, since it is the first blend we make with the season's fruit, and because it is still and dry with no adornments, we choose the best barrels in the cellar to blend with. This blend has varied a lot (both in variety composition and in flavor) from year to year because more than trying to replicate a style, we are trying to find the best expression of the pommage (growing season). That said, we hope that you'll find a throughline from year to year. To me, that throughline is very much this goldenrod/fall honey/beeswax/petrol flavor that is almost always there regardless of variety composition. It makes me think of September on that steep site, when the goldenrods and asters bloom gloriously against the crisp fall sky, literally buzzing with bees. I'm not sure if it's possible for apples to be infused with the essence of the native flora and fauna but at least I like to imagine it."
Autumn Stoscheck Cider Maker/ Orchardist





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