Domaine Cheveau Le Grandes Bruyeres Macon Fuisse 2019

Domaine Cheveau Le Grandes Bruyeres Macon Fuisse 2019

Domaine Cheveau Le Grandes Bruyeres Macon Fuisse 2019

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An extremely bright bouquet of fresh fruit blossoms. Zippy acidity adds to the refreshing quality of the wine. Medium-bodied with notes of citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit), tropical notes and excellent balance. A very long finish that holds a note of vanilla bean. This is an incredible buy!

We are always on the hunt for value French Chardonnay, not an easy task with so many underwhelming bottlings in the market. Sure there are a plethora of good Burgundy producers that have a ?€?village wine,?€? their most economical offering, however, you are going to pay north of twenty or even thirty dollars for them. Well, call in the hounds and sound the bugle for our hunt has produced some results.

This lovely white wine has everything we were looking for in a French Chardonnay and came in under twenty dollars! It has the medium-bodied texture you want in a Macon but it?€?s not from oak barrel aging, it has none, but from eight months of lees contact. This adds to the lengthy finish as the wine goes on and on. Did I mention the zippy acidity? Who knew Chardonnay good be so lively!?

Le Clos is an organically farmed single-vineyard site in the southernmost village (Chaintr??) in the Maconnais. After a manual harvest, the grapes are pressed pneumatically and a long, slow, temperature-controlled fermentation occurs in the underground cellars of the domaine. The wine is aged in stainless steel on the fine lees for eight months before undergoing a light filtration at the moment of bottling.