Christoph Hoch Kalkspitz Pet Nat NV

Christoph Hoch Kalkspitz Pet Nat NV

Christoph Hoch Kalkspitz Pet Nat NV

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Christoph Hoch has very active, chalky soil much like what is found in the Cote des Blancs in Champagne. Upon learning this, he wanted to try out making a pet nat. In an effort to learn about sparkling wine, he spent time in Champagne with DeSousa, Laherte, and Tarlant. Benoit Tarlant (of Champagne Tarlant) made a bet with Christoph that it would be nearly impossible for him to make a stable pet nat. The bet was that if Christoph succeeded, then Tarlant would give Christoph twelve barrels to use. After his first bottling, Christoph sent him twelve bottles to try and after trying the bottles, Benoit conceded that he lost the bet and Christoph drove to Champagne to collect his barrels!

The Kalkspitz (kalk = chalk, and spitz = acidity) is made mostly of Grner Veltliner, blended with Zweigelt, Sauvignon Blanc, Blauer Portugieser and Muskat Ottonel. The 2015 is dry with a maximum alcohol of 11 and a maximum pressure of 3atms. Its savory with a refreshing acidity and creaminess on the palate.