Beaux Freres Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2021


Beaux Freres Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2021

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Playful, candy-coated raspberry aromas bounce from the glass along with sweet cigar spice, followed by a lush palate of dark cherry and soft yet pithy tannin. Finishes with quenching acidity and lingering, velvety texture. Beaux Freres 2021 Willamette Valley cuve consists of Pinot Noir sourced from the following vineyards: Star Mooring 23%, Doration 19%, Stardance 170 Zena Crown 890, Sequitur 700, Dupee Valley 796 Hyland 5%, Guadalupe 5%, Gran Moraine 3% Jessie James 2%, La Colina 2%Beaux Frres 1%, and Upper Terrace 1%.-Winemaker Notes

Beaux Frres is one of the earliest and now leading wineries in Oregon, founded by Michael G. Etzel, and brother-in-law (Beaux Frres in French) wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr in 1986. Located on an 88-acre farm, Beaux Frres resides on the most prestigious terroirs of Willamette Valley. Since their first vintage in 1991, the Beaux Frres philosophy remains the same; to produce a world-class Pinot Noir from small, well-balanced yields and ripe, healthy fruit that represent the essence of the vineyard. Beaux Frres has had biodynamic and organic practices since 2002.