Malfy Originale Italian Gin 750mL

Malfy Gin Originale from Italy .750L

Malfy Originale Italian Gin 750mL

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Malfy Originale has a very classic style nose. Spice notes are slightly loud with a lot of piney, green and herbaceous juniper right beside it. The only critique might be that the nose has a touch of alcohol, with an ethanol-forward nose.

The slightest tinge of lemon on the tip of the tongue when sipped. Despite that flash, the real star of the early and mid is herbaceous juniper. There's suggestions of tarragon and chervil here.

Towards the end, bitter lemon peel and a slight medicinal spirit character. The finish of Malfy Originale Gin is rather harsh. The astringency and pronounced dryness is a bit overwhelming and can be intense on the palate when sipped neat. - The Gin is In






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