Selvarey Coconut Rum 750mL

Selvarey Rum Coconut .750L

Selvarey Coconut Rum 750mL

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The fourth release in the SelvaRey luxury rum range created by Bruno Mars, SelvaRey Coconut is an elevated, refined new entrant into the Coconut Rum category marked by balanced, subtle flavors of the tropics. A 2-year-old aged rum infused with velvety coconut essence, the resulting liquid is simply delicious with hints of fresh coconut water, key lime pie, pineapple and tres leches and a light, elegant finish at 30% ABV. Representing the ultimate in refinement and refreshment, SelvaRey Coconut Rum is the perfect treat sipped on its own or used to make SelvaRey’s signature cocktail, the Skinny Piña Colada.





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